Truly, while my customers are resting, I find clients at their services, business and institutions. My name is Bobur, I am Internet marketer and I will become your reliable partner who will use all the marketing tools for your benefit.

Services of Digital Marketing and Website Development in USA
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Paid Search in Google (PPC)
Display and Video Advertising
Facebook and Instagram ADS
I have valid certificates from:
While I'm Relaxing, Bobur find clients for me!
Website Development
Website Optimization
Website ReDesign
Website Support.
"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other."
-Bill Gates

"Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone."
My services
Promotion in social networks
Only a live audience, you can choose the country and city of the future audience. They are real customers for your business and true followers and fans for your person.
Internet advertising
I'll set up and launch your ads on the Internet correctly, so you will receive customers and visitors. Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Youtube, Google and Yandex.
Content Promotion
I will promote your lessons, courses, music content, clip or book edition. I will increase the audience's interest in your creativity and activity through competent advertising, search for the best advertising platforms and marketing strategy.
Website development
Website development of any subject and complexity in a short time. Also support and redesign of ready-made sites.
Website promotion
Website promotion in Google search engines. Increase conversions, impressions and clicks. Also SEO audit / analysis, improvement and optimization. Installation of tools for automation, monitoring and analytics.
Press Release Publishing
I will make sure that they write about you, your business or institution on the sites of large media, from ordinary to such giants as Forbes, Inc, etc. I'll write a good press release and distribute it to any budget.
Brand Promotion
I will increase the popularity of your brand or individual products in your market and beyond. I will provoke people's interest in your brand and product, thereby increasing your direct earnings.
My team has an excellent copywriter who always develops his knowledge, you can order a selling text from me on any subject and task in the shortest possible time.
I have guys in my team, who is native speakers of such languages as: Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French. Need a multilingual website, marketing, offer, or just a translation? Contact with me.
Abdullaev Bobur
Marketer & Developer

My name is Bobur, I am an expert in Internet marketing and web development. I am currently studying in South Korea, although at the moment I am in Asia, this does not prevent me from continuing to receive clients from the USA. I can offer any business my professional assistance in attracting clients and increasing my reputation.

My marketing skills:
Excellent knowledge of SEO, SMM and PPC. An advanced understanding of working with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Organization and analysis of big data in Excel / Google spreadsheets. Experience with Link Research Tools, Moz, GroupHigh and Majestic SEO.
Why do you need to work with me?
I am not an agency or studio, I do not need to pay salaries to people, accordingly my services are cheaper, but they are in no way inferior to professional agencies and studios in quality. Yes, I have my own remote team, but these are not my employees.
I am both a marketer and a programmer, respectively, I can work much more efficiently and offer non-standard solutions to problems.
You work with one person and get more results. How? If you work with a studio or agency, 4-5 people will deal with your order. And when you work with one person, you achieve better understanding.
I always develop my marketing knowledge, recently I took the course "DMI PRO - Digital Marketing", their course is recognized by competent companies such as Google, Facebook and IBM.
I take such courses 2-3 times a year.
I have worked with clients from over 15 countries and promoted a wide variety of services, businesses and people.
I have certification from Microsoft, Google, Hubspot and SEMrush which you can always check on their official sites.
Want to order a Marketing promotion or website from me?

Can say a lot about my marketing skill, but let my statistician on Google Adwords and Facebook ADS say for me.

My google adwords has existed and actively used since 2014, and Facebook ADS since 2015.

I've attracted nearly 300,000 clicks to my customers on Google Adwords, and on Facebook and Instagram more than 100,000 clicks.

Over the 5-year period, my average CTR is almost 1.2%, which is an excellent indicator.

My Website Portfolio
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I work with clients from many countries, respectively, have extensive experience. Check out my sites with my services for other countries.
Digital and Development services for USA, UK and Canada.
Digital and Development services for Japan.
Digital and Development services for China.
Digital and Development services for UAE.
Digital and Development services for Korea.
Digital and Development services for Russia.
My statistics of completed orders
I have launched more than 500 paid advertising companies in Google and Facebook for my clients.
I have developed 120 sites on various topics.
I promoted more than 60 websites in Google on medium-frequency and low-frequency search queries.
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Services of Digital Marketing and Development.
Only with me you will receive not only numbers, but real growth in sales and visits!
  • Website development
  • SEO website promotion
  • Setting and running contextual advertising in Google
  • Setup and launch of Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Instagram pages promotion
  • Facebook pages promotion
  • Application development for iOS and Android
  • Publication of custom articles on major media sites

70digital by Abdullaev Bobur

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