My name is Bobur, I am 22 years old, I engaged in Internet marketing and programming since 16 years. I promote any type of business through the Internet and find clients for my customers. Also develop website of any complexity and applications for Smartphones and PC.

My marketing skills:
Excellent knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and PPC (Pay Per Click). Advanced understanding of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Organize and analyze data with Excel/Google spreadsheets. Experience with Link Research Tools, Moz, GroupHigh and Majestic SEO.

My programming skills:
HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Java and Python.

500 running advertising campaigns
For 5 years, I have launched more than 500 paid advertising companies for the business of my clients.

120 created sites
I have developed more than 120 sites on various topics, including online stores, corporate sites, internet services, business cards sites and selling sites.

60 advanced sites
I promoted more than 60 websites in Google on medium-frequency and low-frequency search queries.

List of my services:
-Website development
-SEO website promotion
-SMM promotion
-Advertasing in Google
-Facebook and Instagram ADS
-Instagram promotion
-Facebook promotion
-APP development for iOS/Androind

Can say a lot about my marketing skill, but let my statistician on Google Adwords and Facebook ADS say for me.

Do you need a website or promotion?
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My google adwords has existed and actively used since 2014, and Facebook ADS since 2015.
I've attracted nearly 300,000 clicks to my customers on Google Adwords, and on Facebook and Instagram more than 100,000 clicks.
I have something to be proud of and I do not need to use words to show my skills.
What types of clients did I promote?
For example: Salon of wedding dresses, Sale of decorative moss, Network of optical stores, The production of grinding machines, Beauty salon, Electric hair removal salon for women, The construction of residential complex, Exclusive fitness center for women only, Architectural agency, Selling trucks, Shoes store, Bodybuilders , Singers, Shop of luxurious Italian furniture, Training centers, Coworking center, Coffee-shops, Dentistry, Video and photo studio, Home staff recruitment agency, Pawnshop and many other types of business customers.
Working with me, you will get the result.

How working with me?
I work with clients remotely, I am not an agency or studio. I am one person and this is my advantage. I am currently studying in South Korea, but that does not stop me from accepting clients from all over the world. I have extensive experience developing websites and working in the field of internet marketing. I developed my first custom website at the age of 14, from the age of 15 I began to engage in SEO-marketing, and from the age of 16 I also started SMM marketing. I am young and open to new knowledge, I take many marketing courses that cost from $1000 to $2000 to keep my knowledge up to date. At the same time, I know several programming languages and work well with them. If you want to promote your business or increase your clientele, feel free to contact me!

Lang: English / Russian

My Instagram Portfolio
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My Portfolio of SEO-promotion in Google
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Customers from USA, UAE, UK, Russia, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Japan and China contact me to promote their business or develop a website.
Review 1
We are selling moss for decor and decided to contact Bobur to promote our social networks and website. For 1.5 month 28 new orders were attracted.

Review 2
«obur is always available when I need more of his professional help, which I truly appreciate.
He is the first and only marketing professional I have met who does what he says and delivers what he promises.

Review 3
Want to say thank to Bobur for promoting my online jewelry store. Bobur gave a lot of advice on packaging and positioning my store, after which in the first month he attracted 26 real customers from my city.
Review 4
Thanks to Bobur, the conversion of the site of our dental clinic from 1.2% increased to 4.1%.

Review 5
After working with Bobur, our advertising on Google began to not only pay off, but also to make a profit. In two months, sales through the site have tripled.

Review 6
I sincerely recommend Bobur to any growing business for its professionalism, care and attention to details. Bobur has delivered my 2nd project within 3 months and the interesting think about it is that I have never met him, as I am in Denmark. We enjoy working together.
A bit of feedback from my customers
Not all of them are English-speaking, for the convenience of their reviews are translated into English.
It's Me
With clients from which countries have I worked? For example: USA, UK, Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Uzbekistan, Germany, UAE and France.

Services of Digital Marketing and Website Development

Hi, my name is Bobur, I am Marketer and Developer.
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Website development.
Promotion and marketing.
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Telegram: @digitalbob
Whatsapp: +821077677265
Services of Digital Marketing and Development.
Only with us you will receive not only numbers, but real growth in sales and visits!
  • Website development
  • SEO website promotion
  • Setting and running contextual advertising in Google
  • Setup and launch of Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Instagram pages promotion
  • Facebook pages promotion
  • Application development for iOS and Android
  • Publication of custom articles on major media sites